H A U T E L I V I N G . C O M

HAUTE ART, by Margaret Kerns
"When Bruna Stude opened the doors to her galerie 103 on Kauai in 2009 Hawaii’s contemporary art scene was suddenly a lot more exciting, according to world acclaimed – and collected – artist Tom Lieber. Stude, a petite powerhouse whose work hangs in the permanent collections of the Honolulu Academy of Art and the Contemporary Museum of Art on Oahu, is the creative genius and curator of galerie 103’s museum-quality exhibition space.
With a keen eye for significant works of fine art from locations around the globe, including the work of island artists, and a passion for eliminating forever any lingering misconception that Hawaiian art is merely focused on the celebration of natural beauty, Stude brings together a broad cross-section of contemporary and modern artists in the gallery’s rotating exhibits."

B E A T  O F   H A W A I ` I